Student Emergency Needs

Help provide immediate support to students in need

Like every community at this time, the University at Buffalo is dealing with the challenges created by COVID-19. As we tackle the changing landscape of education, we are committed to supporting our students, who are the lifeblood of our university, and to remaining true to the tenets of Loyal Blue.

When you make a gift to UB’s student emergency funds, you have an immediate, tangible impact on students in need and help our community remain strong. Some of UB’s most vulnerable students—those who rely on the university for food, income or housing—currently lack the resources that are critical to getting them through these difficult circumstances. You can support them through student emergency funds established in each of our academic units, as well as for student life, athletics and in our libraries.

Your gift can provide:

  1. Supplemental funding for those who rely on off-campus jobs for their income and are no longer able to work.
  2. Laptops and other software/hardware for those who don’t have the necessary technology for distance learning.
  3. A well-stocked food bank—Blue Table—for those who can’t access sources of healthy food.

“There are so many students in need. Some do not have funds to 

pay for food, rent, phone bills, utilities or car that they need to get to work. 

These little issues pile up for us and severely affect our focus on our studies. 

A small gesture means a lot to us.” 

-Third year UB Law School student 


Across the university, we continue to hear of students who are in need during this time of uncertainty.   

If you are well and able to assist other members of the UB community, I hope you will consider contributing to the student emergency fund of your choice. 

Your contribution will directly benefit the university's broad efforts, or those of the school/unit of your choice, and provide relief for those students experiencing financial difficulties. 


  “I lost my part-time job and had no funds to buy food or medicine.  

The student emergency funds facilitated my stay on campus,  

enabling me to buy food, medicine and products to protect myself from the virus.” 

-Christian, senior, School of Public Health and Health Profession 


Your gift will make an immediate impact on the circumstances of our students like Christian. Please join other UB donors and make a gift today on Giving Tuesday and also consider sharing this opportunity with your own personal network. 


From your entire UB family, thank you for everything you are doing to support our students. 

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