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Impero Archaeological Field School (May 26-June 27, 2019)

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Thank you!

July 11, 2019

Dear Donor,


the 2019 field school at Monteverdi has just finished.

It has been an amazing experience, where students from America have learned archaeological fieldwork techniques, understood the past and the importance of cultural heritage and had the possibility of interacting with different cultures.


All of this has been possible through your generosity and constant support.


We would like to thank you for your donation and invite you to follow our research on our website 


We will be in touch soon!


The Team of the Impero Project

The excavations have started!

May 30, 2019

Dear Friends of IMPERO, 


Your efforts and support have begun to be realized! Bright, young students have filtered in from diverse places, many taking up the tools of excavation for the very first time, to pull fragments of the past from the ground and to engage in a mission larger than themselves.

To follow the growth of these students as scholars and to watch the fruits of our labor directly born from your generosity, please visit our blog at


Thank You, Friends of IMPERO!

May 11, 2019

Dear friends of IMPERO, With two days left to spare, the IMPERO Project is honored to announce that we have SURPASSED our $10,000 goal! We could not have done it without our amazing network of colleagues, friends, and family.


We look forward to showing you all the fruits of your contributions during this upcoming season! To all those lovers of history and discovery who make our work possible, we THANK YOU!


Stay tuned to experience the 2019 season at our side! 


With gratitude, 

The IMPERO Project Team 


The final rush... six days to go!

May 06, 2019

Dear friends of the Impero Project,


we are approaching the final 6 days of our crowdfunding campaign!


Thanks to your constant support and help, we have reached over 8,000$ and we are getting very close to our goal. If you can, please reach out to anyone who might be interested in supporting our campaign to lower educational fees for students participating in the archaeological field school!


And, by the way... we are just a few days away to the beginning of our fieldwork and we will keep you posted every day on our discoveries and surprises from the past.


Thank you all once again for your generosity and support!


The Impero Team


One month away from the excavation

April 25, 2019

Dear friend of the Impero Project,


in a month we will be in Tuscany, working on our sites at Monteverdi, discovering the past of the Etruscans, Romans and medieval people scattered in a stunning environment. 


Here is a video that we produced last year. We want to transmit the feelings and the excitement we all shared in Tuscany!


Have a beautiful day!



Impero at Colter Bay

April 17, 2019

Yesterday, the crowdfunding campaign arrived at Colter Bay Pub in Buffalo. A rainy evening that filled the pub and helped to raise 383$!

The generosity that we are witnessing every day is amazing and we did not expect it. Once again, thank you all for donating and for supporting this campaign.


Reach out to your friends and families and tell them about the Impero Project and the crowdfunding campaign. There are still some days for donating and every donation is a step forward towards the goal!



We have reached 2,600 +

April 10, 2019

Dear friends of the Impero Project,


thanks to your generosity, the project has already raised $2,600.


Every single donation is like a piece of the sophisticated puzzle of history. Our puzzle is made up of vessels and artifacts that leave signs in history: exactly as your donations are doing!


Thank you so much!


First 1,000$ raised! Thank you!

April 02, 2019

Today, thanks to your generous contributions, we reached our first milestone: 1,000$ have been already raised and we wanted to share with you our gratitude.


Thank you!



Our campaign is now live!

March 29, 2019

Hello friends of the Impero Project!


Our crowdfunding campaign is now live and we are thrilled to reach our goal! This will help all the participants of our archaeological field school to pay fewer fees and to participate in all the activities related to the project. 

We will keep you posted on our progress and hopefully, we can hear from you too!



Stay tuned!


Choose a giving level


All it Takes is a Little Clay

Just like Room 5 of Podere Cannicci which contained the ceramic workshop, you too can help us 'produce' our goal--all it takes is the smallest of contributions!


Cost of a Trowel

The Trowel is an Archaeologist's primary tool in the field; at this price point, you'll supply a trowel for a student in need!



Some 37 ex-votos were recovered at our site! The offerings were dedicated to fertility and were associated with cults of natural springs. Donate $37 if you want our campaign to prosper!


Keeper of the Keys

Just as we found a mysterious key at the castle in the 2018 Archaeological season, you can now be the key to a student unlocking a great wealth of knowledge at the Impero Archaeological Field School.


Sulla conquered the site

Around 78 BC, Sulla led a series of battles in Etruria and conquered a number of strategic places, among them our Republican sanctuary and village at Podere Cannicci. Donate $78 if you party for him!



A Centurion led a Century ranging from 80 to 100 men in the Roman military. Donate 100 dollars and be an honorary Centurion to the members of the Impero Project.


All Roads Lead to Rome!

The Roman site at Podere Cannicci is exactly 150 Kilometers from Rome Itself!


Rome arrived!

In 294 BC, Rusellae and its territory were conquered by the Roman army, and this part of Tuscany became Roman. If you donate $294, you are a real Roman citizen!


The Etruscan cults

As far back as 400 BC, the site was an Etruscan cult place, with votive offerings and statuettes hoarded in the proximity of our site. Donate $400 if you feel like an Etruscan offerer!


Etruscan dominance

The height of Etruscan expansion on the Italian Peninsula occurred in 500 BC. If you're a fan of the Etruscans and their culture that dominated Italy, donate 500 dollars.


The Traces of Trade

In March 772 AD, written sources recorded a road for trading salt that crossed the River Ombrone--passing right through the location of our 1220 AD bridge! Get your name into the pages of history with this wonderful donation!


The Castle Split

In this year, Pope Innocent II confirmed the castle to 2 Abbeys! Whether you donate alone or split the bill, you too can help us to recreate this moment.


Across the Water

The ruined bridge nearby was first given life in the year 1220; make the cross and donate now!


The Coming Flood

1318 saw the year of the flood that destroyed the bridge, but we would prefer for 2019 to bring donations instead of water!