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Student Experiences in Global Health

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Student Experiences in Global Health

For the past six years, our students have participated in short term global health mission trips.

Their purpose?

To provide medical care in an interdisciplinary team setting in rural areas that have limited resources and fragmented healthcare.

Our students learn how to provide culturally-competent care in a global healthcare setting, setting up “mobile” pharmacies and clinics, dispensing medications, counseling patients, and assisting providers with medication selection. These experiences not only give them hands-on training, but teach a level of compassion and patient care that cannot be learned in a classroom.

In 2020, our students will be going on medical mission trips to Belize, Dominican Republic, Ghana and Haiti and they need your help!

Your gift will help offset travel expenses for our students and send them with enough medical supplies to treat all of those in need that they encounter.



Learn More About Our Students!


Aerin An, P3 PharmD Student

Aerin is a third-year pharmacy student at UB who graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a bachelor's degree in neuroscience and a minor in chemistry in the spring of 2016. She was involved in lab research as an undergraduate student majoring in neuroscience. She is a PharmD candidate of the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences class of 2020, and is interested in pursuing clinical pharmacy after graduation.

"I would like to help those in need, to learn to work as part of an interdisciplinary team, and to get a better perspective on global health"  


Erik Bartnik, P1 PharmD Student

Erik is a first-year pharmacy student at UB who is from Cheektowaga, NY. He has always had an interest in healthcare ever since he was younger. He went through University at Buffalo's early assurance program and now is currently a P1 pharmacy student. Erik is interested in doing a mission trip, so that he could get a new experience when it comes to medicine.

"I want to be able to help provide for people that might not have access to the best medical care. The things that I will learn on this trip will help me provide better care for patients in the future."


Gisela Canales, P3 PharmD Student

Gisela is a third-year pharmacy student who completed her first two years of undergraduate coursework through University at Buffalo's 6-Year Early Assurance Pharmacy Program. Before getting into UB, she grew up in Uniondale, NY, a small town on Long Island. Her goal is to pursue a career in hospital pharmacy. Additionally, she is highly interested in specializing in areas such as pediatrics and global health.

"The main reason I want to go on mission trips is to be able to help the underserved population. It’s a privilege to be able to apply the knowledge we have learned from pharmacy school in another country. I hope to help people of all backgrounds and learn from them at the same time."


Min Chung, P1 PharmD Student

Min is a first-year pharmacy student who grew up with a physical therapist mother that always loved and cared for her patients and her family. Inspired by her loving mother and her love of chemistry, and her passion for pharmacy is what took her to where she is today. This is her first mission trip and she is thankful for the opportunity to share what she has and deliver care to the people in Haiti.

"I want to take this opportunity to have a better understanding of global health and deliver care to people in need. Through this mission trip, I wish people in Haiti feel less threatened by their illnesses and feel more secure about their well-being."


Olivia Denny, P2 PharmD Student

Olivia Denny is a second-year pharmacy student at UB who is from the small town of Barker, NY. She attended the University of Rochester where she played field hockey and graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Microbiology. She is now in her second year of pharmacy school and enjoys being active in student pharmacy organizations and the many opportunities UB has to offer. She currently works at Middleport Family Health Center and enjoys spending time with family and friends.

“I am traveling to Haiti to meet the local people, learn about them and their culture, and offer health services to those who are underserved and less fortunate. I will offer help and support to others in hopes of making a difference in someone’s life.”  


Emmanuel Jaffe, P2 PharmD Student

Emmanuel is a second -year pharmacy student at UB who is from Westchester, NY. He is currently pursing a PharmD/MBA  through University at Buffalo. Emmanuel works at both Tops and ECMC and is an active member in a various of pharmacy clubs.

"I chose to go on a mission trip to Belize because it is a great way to help smaller communities in foreign countries and have an early experience to apply what I learned clinically in a way that school is not always able to offer. "  


Lena Kuffuor-Ariyie, P3 PharmD Student

Lena is a third-year pharmacy student who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.  She is traveling to Ghana for the second year in a row this January. This trip means a lot to her because she is first generation Ghanaian-American. It gives her great joy to know that she can return to her roots and give back to the communities that raised her family and friends.This trip opened her eyes to so many social and health issues that exist beyond the shores of America, and taught her that just a little bit of help from each individual person provides much needed assistance and support to many people. 

"This experience has kindled a passion within me to participate in future missions. This is why I have decided to go again. I truly believe that our presence in Ghana will be even more of an impact than it was last time."  


Anastasia Kurdziel, P1 PharmD Student

Anastasia is a first-year pharmacy student who is from Hudson Valley, NY. She is the case competition liaison of the University at Buffalo chapter of IPHO and a P1 liaison of the UB chapter of SPAWNY. She is interested in Industry and community pharmacy, but is still exploring her options. Outside of school, she enjoys running, hiking, and being outside. 

"This is my first mission trip and I am looking forward to gaining new perspective and being able to bring healthcare services to others."



Carly Le, P1 PharmD Student

Carly is a first-year pharmacy student who completed her undergraduate from University at Buffalo through the Early Assurance program. She has been on mission trips before to New Orleans and Louisiana, but this time she is excited to learn and practice medicine.

"I want to go on a medical mission trip to Belize to apply what I have learned in the classroom to help others in the world. I expect it to be a humbling experience!"





Lydia Lee, P1 PharmD Student

Lydia is a first-year pharmacy student who has a Bachelor's in Biochemistry and enjoys playing music on her free time. Her inspiration to become a pharmacist came from one of the chemistry labs that she did as an undergraduate, the synthesis of aspirin, and her desire to help others in need. A fun fact about Lydia is that, besides English, she speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin fluently.

"I want to do mission trips because I believe it would provide me with the experience to relate more and help those who are in need as a pharmacist."


Anthony Liang, P2 PharmD Student

Anthony is a second-year pharmacy student at UB. He enjoys traveling around, experiencing cultures foreign to him, hiking, and relaxing with friends. He is going on a medical mission trip to the Dominican Republic this January. Anthony wants to be given a chance to help a community that brings him joy and create an impact.

"I believe that it’s good to leave the bubble that I live in – in terms of culture – and learn from others that I can’t relate to, and I think this experience can teach and humble me as a person who lives in such a developed area. I will take everything I learn to move forward in my career and growth as a person."


Ali Mohammed, P2 PharmD Student

Ali is a second-year pharmacy student at UB who was born and raised in the middle east. After high school graduation he moved to the United States. Currently, he has a bachelor's degree in pharmacology and toxicology from the University at Buffalo, and is now pursuing his PharmD degree. In school, he is involved in many organizations, and professional activities, but in his free time he likes to travel and explore new cultures.

"I am going on a mission trip to Ghana to positively impact the lives of countless people through providing culturally-competent care, while growing personally and professionally."


Raina Shah, P2 PharmD Student

Raina is a second-year pharmacy student at UB. She is involved in a leadership position as a Co-President of Dean Student Ambassadors, and is a valuable member in other student organizations; such as, the Pediatric Pharmacy Advocacy Group. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a residency in pediatric or oncology. 

"I want to go on a mission trip to become an integrated member of a healthcare interdisciplinary team that will provide support and guidance to people globally. This mission trip will allow me to grow and explore my interests as a healthcare profession in the field of pharmacy."


May Thander, P2 PharmD Student

May is a second-year pharmacy student at UB who is originally from Myanmar, but grew up in Singapore. She is currently a co-chair for Operation Immunization in APhA-ASP, the secretary for SIGNA and the communication chair for Pharm4Me. She has been on the medical mission trip to Myanmar, and found herself enjoying the experience and challenges that she faced. She is excited to be attending another mission trip to the Dominican Republic.

"I want to go on a mission trip to learn different healthcare systems and different cultures, which will become helpful in my future career plan. It is also a good opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person, and become more aware of whats going on in healthcare globally."


Prachi Trivedi, P2 PharmD Student

Prachi is a second-year pharmacy student at UB. She is the co-president of DSA, and a member of the Pediatrics Pharmacy Club. Her goal is to graduate with a doctor of pharmacy degree and then do a residency. She enjoys helping others and is excited to work with underprivileged populations this January.

"I want to go on a mission trip because I want to learn some of the global challenges that occur regarding healthcare and pharmacy and help those in need." 


Evelyn Wang, P2 PharmD Student

Evelyn is a second-year pharmacy student at UB who is from New York, NY. She spent her first semester of undergrad at SUNY Geneseo. Evelyn then transferred to the University at Buffalo PharmCAS program, and entered the Doctor of Pharmacy program in 2018. She is the President-Elect for SNPhA and the P2 Liaision for SIGNA. After graduation, she hopes to enter a residency program in New York City.

“I believe that by going on a mission trip, I will be able to learn about the different cultures, their view on conventional medicine, and the pharmacy practice in a different setting. A more hands on approach will help me become a better student intern and pharmacist in the future.” 


Amanda Whelen, P1 PharmD Student

Amanda is a first-year pharmacy student with a degree in biology from SUNY Geneseo. She enjoys hiking and spending time with her dog. She is looking forward to going Ghana for a mission trip, so she can grow as an individual and as an professional. She has participated in a volunteer trip to Costa Rica in the past and hopes to use that experience to help her prepare for this trip.

“I want to go on medical mission trips to expand my knowledge and gain a humbling experience where I am able to help others that truly need and deserve it”.