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International Education

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At UB, we pride ourselves on our diversity and global-mindedness. For many decades, students from around the world have enriched our learning and campus culture at UB. 

Donors now have an opportunity to enable more of our students to benefit from study abroad and assist international students in need. Gifts to the funds below enhance the student experience of our international and domestic students, who all look to UB to provide them with global opportunities.

UB Fund for International Education - The Power of Your Investment Nurturing and strengthening our students—and opening remarkable doors for them throughout their lives—is noble, visionary work. We invite you to make this bold dream a reality. To partner with us. To fund the change you want to see in the world of UB—and the world beyond. Make global learning and transformative international experiences possible for more UB students today.

Dr. Stephen C. Dunnett Study Abroad Fund Dr. Stephen C. Dunnett, PhD '77, BA '68, Professor Emeritus and former Vice Provost for International Education, established this fund in order to help UB students better understand and participate in our interconnected global world through study abroad.

Welch-Ludwig Fund for International Study Through the generous gift of Claude E. Welch, SUNY Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus of Political Science, and Jeannette Ludwig, Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, the Welch-Ludwig Fund partially defrays study abroad experiences around the world.

Study Abroad Scholarship Fund The Office of International Education provides partial scholarships on a competitive basis to support participation in a UB or SUNY study abroad program.

International Student Emergency Fund This fund makes it possible for international students to apply for financial assistance in an emergency.

International Student Scholarship Fund The Office of International Education provides scholarships to support international students requiring financial assistance in pursuing a UB education.

Why your support matters Alumni who support UB help build university pride! Alumni donations factor into improved national and international rankings. Over the last 12 years, UB’s ranking has improved 42 places in the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges Rankings. In addition, UB is now ranked 27th among the top universities in the US with the most international students!

When you give back, you help our students today and build pride for our alumni around the world.

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