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In February 2021, the Arts Collaboratory will open The Space Between, a new arts incubator at 431 Ellicott—on the border of East and West Buffalo. Located next door to the wonderful Fitz Books and Waffles (yes, waffles!), The Space Between will be equal parts studio, performance space, reading room and gallery. Every artist and art lover in Buffalo is welcome to join us. 


Buffalo needs The Space Between. Even today, the city remains one of the most racially segregated metropolitan areas in the US. For decades, Main Street has divided Buffalo into two distinct halves, and 85% of residents who identify as Black live on the East Side. Buffalo’s art world has long reflected this larger problem. Almost all of Buffalo’s cultural institutions were built on the West Side of town, reinforcing the misguided notion that art is for some people and not for others. 


The Space Between aims to change all of that. In the coming year, we’re going to challenge expectations, pressure test new ideas, and show work that’s still in progress. We’ll make disciplines collide and help artists broaden their audiences. We want The Space Between to be the place where East and West Buffalo converge, where horizons broaden and where new collaborators meet. 


At The Space Between, art will be for everyone. And thanks to crowdsourcing, anyone can help make a difference. We aren’t looking to raise millions—just enough to keep the lights on and the creativity flowing. So if you can, throw a buck or two into our virtual rent jar. We’ll do our best to prove just how far a little goodwill can go!

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