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There are times in life that are too tragic for words and too hard to bear. On Tuesday, December 8th, 2020 that chapter started for people all over when Eric Murawski tragically and unexpectedly lost his life. Eric was a brilliant and beautiful person and had built a wonderful life for himself. Most anyone who met him would say, “Eric is the smartest guy I know”....often followed by “and the loudest” (a joke he very much enjoyed). Eric was always striving to learn, educate and improve himself.

 After an idyllic childhood in Hornell, NY, he attended Binghamton University where he studied Chemistry as an undergraduate. He continued his studies in Dental School at SUNY Buffalo where he not only excelled but was accepted into the Oral Surgery Program, a task not many can achieve but he did with ease. Eric loved surgery and had a true gift of compassion, bedside manner and was adored by both patients and colleagues alike. Through the program, Eric earned his M.D degree and was finishing his final months of his general dentistry residency when his life was sadly cut short. Eric was not afraid of a challenge, always aimed for beyond the stars and success came naturally to him. He was destined for great things.

Eric was a talented botanist. One of his favorite hobbies was tending to and growing his numerous plants and bonsai trees. Eric would spend hours tending to his plants, like delicate little pets, which all grew vivaciously - even citrus plants in the cold Buffalo climate! His backyard was a mini botanical garden and he was known for gifting many of his plants and bonsai creations. It’s a comfort knowing his green thumb will live on through his plants. 

Eric could build anything. Having cultivated a mini “Home Depot” in his basement, if you gave him the idea, he would build it, and well. Eric’s home was filled with his complex woodworking creations and there was nothing he enjoyed more than building things with his hands for others. 

Eric held a very special place in his heart for animals. He was a gentle and compassionate person. He absolutely adored his pets - Reina, Louie, Layla, Lennox and Larry and was a great “fur dad” to them all. It is obvious that the pets greatly miss him.

Eric cherished his family. His affection was palpable every-time he spoke of them. Eric’s motivation and dreams were always centered around his family - he was so excited to share his success and give back to his family who supported him.  He leaves behind his two parents, grandmother, two sisters, two brothers-in-law, devoted love of his life, nephew, 4 nieces, numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and a plethora of friends. 

 Anyone who knows Eric, knows he was a HUGE Bills fan! From a young age, Eric could be found every Sunday during football season - energetically and passionately rooting for his team. One of his favorite memories was the day the Bills broke the 17-year playoff drought in 2018. He has an astonishing collection of Bills (and Sabres) memorabilia. 

When Eric was around, he was ALWAYS smiling, laughing and sharing a story or some factual tidbit he had learned. Every photo of him captures his handsome smile, sparkling blue eyes and captivating personality – every life that he touched, was made better. He had quality and lifelong friends that cherished his friendship and created many lasting memories. Eric was not lacking in being loved and adored. 

The Eric J. Murawski memorial fund will be used to create an endowment and provide an annual award to a Dental Student at UB Dental School who, like Eric, shares the love for education, dentistry, and his true passion: Oral Surgery. Eric’s name will live on and never be forgotten while inspiring and helping others to achieve their dreams. Nothing more fitting than Eric helping others even after his passing. 

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