Tedman McMahon Memorial Fund

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Tedman went through many obstacles throughout his life. He handled all those challenges by being himself and pursuing his dreams, whether it was singing, acting or dentistry. Tedman had an amazing sense of humor that made him so special and memorable. He was a man that found happiness no matter the obstacles life had given him and always found a way to conquer the roadblocks. He was the classmate that glued 95 unique individuals together. Throughout dental school, Tedman would work to redefine the norms and his improvisation brought new life to our studies and social activities. Long nights in the lab were made more exciting when he would break out into song. His alternative perspective of understanding dental concepts enabled each of us to have a greater understanding of the enormous amounts of material in ways we may not have understood otherwise.

Tedman had a way of seeing the bigger picture not only at dental school but in life. He was a man that we could look to for advice but also for the one liner that would turn your frown upside down. More so, he would embrace differences as a way to learn more about people he may not readily identify with and offer his perspective so that we could gain a greater perspective. As his classmates, we realized how privileged we were to have somebody who was so different from ourselves as a part of our class.

This award is being created to offer assistance and opportunities to individuals whose backgrounds are atypical and will offer differing perspectives to their dental school class based on their previous life experiences. What we realized as a class is that we really need more Tedmans, not only as our classmates, but in the field of dentistry. We hope that you will consider making a gift to this fund to help us keep Tedman's spirit alive in future students and dentists!

*If this gift intention is to support an endowment fund, unless otherwise restricted by the gift instrument pursuant to paragraph (b) of Section 553 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, the institution may expend so much of the endowment fund as it deems prudent after considering the factors set forth in paragraph (a) of Section 553 of the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law.

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