Overseas Alumni Challenge

Overseas Alumni Challenge

A generous international alumnus whose family has received “many blessings” during this challenging time is paying it forward to help UB students.  

The donor (who prefers to remain anonymous) has offered a generous challenge: When 300 donors residing overseas make a gift to UB—in any amount—by May 12, 2021, he will give $20,000 to the university. “My family and I are so grateful that we are in a position to assist others."

The past year has created significant challenges for all UB students. From student emergency funds to enhancing global experiences, donor support is more critical than ever before. A gift to any of the funds listed here will address student challenges and enhance the student experience of both international and domestic students, who all look to UB to provide them with a global opportunity.

*If you do not see a fund listed here that you prefer to support, please visit buffalo.edu/campaign for a searchable list of all funds. Gifts made on this site will count towards the goal. 

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