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Tina Pavlovec- One of Annette's 100

Over the past twenty years, I have witnessed first-hand the challenges faced by researchers working tirelessly to advance the understanding of MS and bring better treatments and relief to patients. And while there is never a lack of goodwill, sound ideas, and promising theories, funding always seems to be the impeding factor in bringing the current state of medical treatment closer to a fully curable disease. That is even more true for the five to ten percent of patients with the most severe and debilitating form of MS that also happens to be the most understudied.

That is why I am so excited to donate to this particular study born out of the collaboration of two institutes at the top of their respective fields: the Boston Home at the forefront of advanced MS patient care and the BNAC at the forefront of cutting-edge MS research. The study sets out to define advanced MS and its characteristics, laying out the framework on which more research can be done. It will not only benefit patients with the most severe form of MS but all patients who currently live in uncertainty and wonder where their disease will progress.


The cost to study advanced MS is high. New and sensible measures must be established. Research must be brought to the patient as patients cannot come to the research. Please join me in bringing this important research to them. Make a difference by donating any amount you feel comfortable with. Your donation will be MATCHED dollar-for-dollar by the Annette Funicello Research Fund for Neurological Diseases. 

Thank you!


Each of ANNETTE’S 100 has set a goal to give or raise $1,000 or more to CASA-MS progressive MS research. Your gift will help them reach their goal and will be matched by Annette’s Fund. LET US KNOW IF YOU’D LIKE TO BE ONE OF ANNETTE’S 100, TOO!

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